Do Real Pearls Turn Yellow? (Answered)

Pearls can sometimes changes it's color.

White pearls especially, can turn yellow as they age over time.

But should you be concerned about yellowed pearls?

Do Real Pearls Turn Yellow?

Yes, real pearls do turn yellow over a period of time, this is especially obvious if your pearl is originally white. These beautiful white pearls turns yellow as they age.

These iconic fashion accessories usually turn yellow as time passes because they dry out.

Yellowed pearls indicate that these pearls are real, since artificial pearls are generally made from plastic or ceramic and don't change color.

Yellowed pearls often look dull and dry compared to the fresh creamy white pearls which have a slight glow.

Yellow Pearls vs Yellowed Pearls

Yellow Pearls and Yellowed Pearls are two different types of pearls.

But do not confused yellowed pearls from yellow pearls.

  • Yellow pearl are cultivated to become yellow or golden in color which have a fresh and lustrous look.
  • Yellowed pearls are pearls that are originally white that turns yellow as they age and dry. These pearls looks dull and less attractive.

Why real pearls turn yellow?

Pearls turns yellow over time because of aging process. 

Pearls are very soft organic gemstone made by laying of nacre secreted by a mollusc.

As time pass, the chemical composition of the pearl changes. This change is usually due to the pearls dry out, which makes the pearl turn yellow.

Regardless of quality of your pearl, this process cannot be avoided.

Nonetheless, there are ways to prolong the lustrous glow of your pearl.

How to prevent your pearl from turning yellow?

The simple way to prevent your pearl from turning yellow by wearing it more.

As the pearl come into contact with the moisture in the air, they will receive the hydration they required. 

The body oil that come from your skin also acts like a moisturizer which helps to keep your pearl lustrous and beautiful.

Wearing your pearl jewelry once or twice per month is usually sufficient to keep their shine.

But if you sweat a lot, don't forget to wipe your pearls dry with a soft cloth and remove any residual sweat or chemicals. 

Can you make your pearl white again?

It depends.

Depending on the damage you have on your pearl, if your pearl have been drying for a long time, restoring your pearl back to it's original lustrous glow will be difficult.

Once you've observe your pearl to start flaking or chipping, then making it white again will be impossible.

What happen when your pearl turn yellow?

When your pearl turns yellow, it will loss it's lustrous glow, look more dull, and become more brittle.

This is due to the pearl drying out that cause micro fracturs on the nacre that make up the pearl.

Eventually, the pearl may start to flak, chip, or even crack.

How to protect your pearl from turning yellow?

Prevention is the best way to protect your pearl from turning yellow.

  • Don't allow your pearl to dry out.
  • Don't store your pearls in sealed plastic bags.
  • Don't keep your pearls in enclosed areas such as a sealed box or safes.
  • Don't put your pearls at places that is hot or lack of air circulation.

Know that your pearls are soft organic gemstone.

Protecting your pearl jewelry is as simple as wearing it often and avoid bringing your jewelry to places where there are a lot of physical activities.





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