History of Jewelry: Do You Know Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Since ancient times even during the age of the caveman, we have been decorating ourselves with different items. Bones of animals, teeth of predators, feathers of flying creatures and shells from the ocean.

History of Jewelry

The history of human civilization of having different types of jewelry to be place on us, as a decorative, or even to symbolism wealth and power is simply amazing. Humans have been wearing jewelry as long as 75,000 years, the time when our ancestors are still living the the caves.

Although most people nowadays don't use bones and teeth of animals as an decoration. Precious metals and rare gems such as gold and diamond have a longer history then you can ever think of. These beauty of the nature have been with us the human civilization for thousands of years. Historical exploration in Rome and Egypt have discovered thousands of precious artifact crafted so precisely into some of the most amazing Jewelry you can ever feast your eyes on.

Before the modern day that you currently know and love. Jewelry was worn as a symbol of wealth and power by pharaohs, kings and emperors. Commoners like ourselves don't have the luxury of wearing any form of Jewelry and precious metals such as gold and silver are reserved for the royalties. Jewelry have became a way of displaying wealth and power.

Times have changed through the thousands of years.

Today, not only royalties, but commoners like us are able to afford and allowed to wear Jewelries. Types of Jewelries we wear have not changed too much from the recent thousands of years, but have the reasons of wearing them changed? Or even evolved?

Is there a logic on why Jewelry is so important to us? Lets check it out!

Why do we wear jewelry?

For many ladies and gentlemen, wearing jewelry is simply something that we do daily. Such as putting on earrings, bracelets, or necklaces is just a form of habit, a type of routine where we do every single day before we leave our homes. Jewelry have essentially become a part of our life. These jewelry we wear have not only become an extension of us, but also is our identity as a person whom our friends and family love and care.

But why have it so? Why jewelry have become such an important part of us, which we can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase these little beauty?

Is there a reason of why do we wants to wear Jewelry?

Let us explore the few of the reason that makes Jewelry so important.

Lets Dive In!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

In the early 40’s, a renowned American psychologist named Abraham Maslow explain to us on the human needs. That is the time when the term 'Hierarchy of Needs’ make its first appearance. 'Hierarchy of Needs’ is a pyramid with a five-tier model of human needs with physiological factors at the very bottom of the pyramid and self-actualization at its very top.

Hierarchy of Needs
If we use the Hierarchy of Needs to explain, we can see that the need of jewelry is actually in the domain of the higher form of needs.

Love and Belonging

Jewelry for centuries have been used to attract the opposite sex, 'mates'. For example, jewelry have been used as a way to show love and affection to your potential mates through wooing by giving expensive gifts.

During these special days such as Valentines day, Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas are just some of the dates that you will usually show your love and affection to the person whom you love or care. A way of expressing 'I Love You'.

Simply because the act of giving is a show of love and concern to the person who receives the gifts, thus this will meet the 'Love and Belonging' of the Hierarchy of Needs. One of the most important need of a person.


While the act of giving is amazing and helps you build strong connection to the one whom you give your precious gift to. Sometimes you may also wants to get one of these beautiful jewelry to wear yourself too. This is feeling of the need to wear a jewelry is especially stronger when you are meeting the person whom you like or going for that special prom night.

Wearing a beautiful jewelry not only makes you looks amazing, it brings you confidence and increase your self-esteem which makes others respect you. A luxurious jewelry, such as a pearl jewelry made with fine sterling silver not only helps you feel confident, it beauty of a pearl together with you angelic smile will dazzle anyone who lay their eyes on you. A luxurious jewelry such as a pearl jewelry can the magical ingredient that can change your life.

The Change

For the past years, jewelry had been traditionally designed and used for female in the form of earrings, necklace and bracelets. But now, more and more men have the opportunity to experience the joy of owning and displaying jewelry in the form of watches, cuff-links, rings and necklace.

The world view is changing and the designs of jewelry are explored. Some jewelry are made into elegant and feminine masterpiece, perfect for females whom like to express their gentleness and beauty. While some jewelry are designed to look masculine perfect to males whom wants to express their 'man' personality with the feeling of wealth and power.

To put it simply:

"Our bodies change our minds, and our minds change our behavior, our behavior change our outcomes."

What jewelry we wear will change the way we think.

An elegant masterpiece, changes the way we think and our behavior, which we will talk with a gentle tone and act in the elegant way. 

A funky jewelry let us feel young and and active, which makes us feel relax and full of energy.

We all love to dress ourselves for certain occasions. What we wear on us echos our thoughts and let us feel confident at the event. Let it be a simple date, or a major company event at a 5 star hotel, what jewelry we wear help us understand and actualize our best selves.


What are the reason you wear jewelry? Let us know below!

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