How to take care of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Jewelry are usually kept nice and sparkly, but after after some time you will start to see it turn dull and seems to loss its shine. But there are ways that you can do to help it to regain its former dazzling self.

The steps are easy, but you must follow these steps closely, or you will risk damaging your jewelry that can be costly to repair.

Let's dive in and check out how!


Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is one of the most popular precious gems used in the jewelry industry. With the beauty and brilliance only second to a diamond. Just at a fraction of its price, no wonder it is widely popular with some of the major brands. Cleaning a Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is very simple and can be done at the comfort of your home.

What you will need:

  1. A fine flannel cloth or microfiber cloth.
  2. Cup of warm water with mild soap (approx 40 Degrees Celsius) for rinsing.
  3. A tea kettle or any other methods that produce steam
  4. A pair of tongs or needle-nose pliers. (Careful not to scratch your jewelry when you are using your tongs or pliers)
  5. A pair of gentle hands to treat each jewelry with love and care


  1. Soak your CZ Jewelry into the warm water for approx 15 minutes.
  2. Gently rub off any dirt and excess makeup from the jewelry with microfiber cloth or flannel cloth.
  3. Hold your CZ Jewelry over the steam to loosen the dirt (careful not to burn your fingers)
  4. Gently rub off any dirt from the jewelry with microfiber cloth or flannel cloth.
  5. Use straight, back and forth strokes to polish your CZ Jewelry. Avoid using circular motion as it might scratch the surface of your jewelry.
  6. Dab your jewelry dry with a clean soft microfiber cloth to avoid any mineral residue from leaving on the jewelry.
  7. Allow your CZ Jewelry to cool down and dab your jewelry dry again.
  8. Your CZ Jewelry should looks nice and shiny.

Note: If the metal of the CZ Jewelry is soft metal such as Silver or Gold. Always treat your jewelry with tender and care. Like the tender skin of a baby you can scratch it if you aren't careful so don't rub it too briskly.

Never use anything but a clean soft clean cloth made from material such as 100% cotton or microfiber to clean your CZ Jewelry. Although Cubic Zirconia is hard and are not easily scratch, like diamond care have to be taken when handling the precious stone.

Items that contains wood fibers or synthetics such as paper, polyester, and even coarse fabrics might cause tiny micro scratches in the surface of your precious stone. 

Warning: Never use any corrosive chemical agent or strong detergent or soap to clean your jewelry. These chemicals will corrode your Cubic Zirconia as it is carbon based, structured similar to a diamond.

Good Practice: Preventative care is the key to ensure your CZ Jewelry to stay sparkly as long as possible. Storing your jewelry in a closed box or dry cabinet on a soft surface is always good.

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