Which Types of Gemstones Suit You? Natural vs Lab-Grown - Do You Know The Difference?

Jewellery is one of the most amazing form of gift you can present to your loved ones. It can be in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other unique forms crafted by master craftsman using precious gemstones.

While some precious stone are created by the mother nature. Others are fashioned with man-made alternatives, which in some case can be superior in brilliance. Quality and appearance that matches or even superior to the one created by mother nature.

This article will help you to become a wise consumer.

Fun Fact: A precious gemstone that is lab-created does not mean to be low-quality. But instead are usually higher-quality than those found in nature. Not only they are usually flawless and are much cheaper. Surprised?

Keep reading to find out why!

Types of Gemstones

There are many terms used to describe gemstones, many of which our consumer such as you may or may not know. Lets dive in and learn about it!

  • Natural Gemstone
  • Genuine Gemstone
  • Enhanced or Treated Gemstone
  • Lab-Grown, Created, Synthetic, Artificial or Man-Made Gemstone 
  • Simulated Gemstone 
  • Brand Name Gemstone

What is a Natural Gemstone?

Natural gemstones are formed in nature by mother nature with no humans interference. If a stone is identified as natural, this means that it has not been treated, enhanced or altered. These gemstones are mined, cut, faceted and finally polished. As Natural Gemstones are generally rare in nature. These precious gemstones are the most expensive.

What is Genuine Gemstone?

Genuine means "Real". A genuine gemstone is a natural occurring gemstone that is treated in some way or other. Treatment mainly to enhance its cut or appearance to allow the gemstone to shine in its brilliance. Some other term that is used to describe these gemstones are “enhanced” or “treated” stones.

Why do stones get treated?

As natural gemstones are created in nature in an environmental condition that varies through millions of years. Though pretty, these gemstones have one major different from man-made gemstones.

All natural gemstones when seen up close, you may notice them to have discoloration, cracks or inclusions.

Treatments are applied by master craftsman to fix these “flaws” in the stone. In additional to the rarity of the gemstone, the manpower that is used to treat these precious gems lead to the high cost of the a natural gemstone.

What is a Lab-Grown Gemstone?

Probably just as the name suggest, these precious gemstones are man-made and are made in laboratory using cutting edge technology. Some other terms that are used are "created", “synthetic”, “artificial”, “lab-created” and “man-made” gems.

Grown in the laboratory, these precious gemstones have the exact chemical composition of the same gemstone that is created in mother nature.

From the brilliance to the hardness and chemical composition, they are identical to a natural gemstone.

One big difference for these lab-grown gemstones and those found in nature; Lab-grown are generally flawless and those found in nature do have some discoloration, cracks or inclusions when seen up close.

Some love the beauty of the Natural Gemstones because of the uniqueness of each gemstones, others will prefer the Lab-Grown Gems which are flawless.

What is a Simulated Gemstone?

These gemstone though the chemical composition are not the same, they looks almost like the gemstone it is simulating.

Sometimes its brilliance might even outshine the gemstone it is simulating. These special gemstones are also called “alternatives” and are usually served as additional stone options that might be a better fit based on personal preferences.

One of such gemstone that is usually found in the market is Simulated Diamonds. Cubic Zirconia, another precious gemstone are often used as an alternative to diamond. With the appearance and brilliance comparable to a million dollar diamond. The cost of buying such a beauty is just a fraction of a natural diamond.

Recently, there is a uptrend on couples choosing a simulated diamond engagement ring over a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Popular Brands are seen selling these breathtaking simulated diamonds in the form of necklace, earrings and bracelets at the price range of USD$50 to over USD$1,000.

They are the best alternative to a natural diamond. A diamond alternative that don't break your bank.

Fun Fact: Any type of gemstones can be a simulant. A genuine million dollar white sapphire can also be a diamond simulants as well if you wish so.

What is a Brand Name Gemstone?

A brand name gemstone can be a natural gemstone, a genuine gemstone or even a synthetic or simulated gemstone. The brand is typically registered to provide the naming rights to the business. It is to help the consumer identify the brand which usually give the customer the feeling of a higher quality (not always the case). A brand name gemstone is typically priced higher than a non-branded equivalent. Examples of Brand Name Gemstone includes, Swarovski® crystals and Moissanite®, both of which are lab-grown and man-made.

In short, any gemstone can be a Brand Name Gemstone.

Simulated vs. Genuine vs. Lab-Grown, Which Should You Choose?

Choosing what suits you can be really hard sometimes. And choosing to see which is better is a very subjective to the person who is buying. It can depends on many variables and the types of gemstones you are seeking.

Fear not, we have designed a few questions which you can ask yourself to help you in seeking the best gemstones which will suit your needs.

  1. If you love the idea of getting a gemstone which is unique, which is a one-of-a-kind and high in value. Genuine Gemstone can be a great choice.
  2. If you are an environmentalist and are concern on how mining have impacted the environment. Lab-Grown Gemstone maybe a better choice.
  3. If you are an environmentalist and love the thrill getting an amazing gemstone with a fraction of the cost. Simulated Gemstone might be a great choice

Gemstones comes in all shape and sizes.

The perfect gift are not always expensive, but are always a Gift true from your heart.

Find yours NOW!

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