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History of Jewelry: Do You Know Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Since ancient times even during the age of the caveman, we have been decorating ourselves with different items. Bones of animals, teeth of predators, feathers of flying creatures and shells from the ocean. History of Jewelry The history of human civilization of having different types of jewelry to be place on us, as a decorative, or even to symbolism wealth and power is simply amazing. Humans have been wearing jewelry as long as 75,000 years, the time when our ancestors are still living the the caves. Although most people nowadays don't use bones and teeth of animals as an decoration. Precious metals and rare gems such as gold and diamond have a longer history then you can ever think of. These beauty of the nature have...

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Jewelry Care 101 - You Can Make Your Jewelry New Again!

Jewelry looks amazing but for some jewelry you may have notice that it have loss its shine. But there are ways that you can do to help it to regain its former dazzling self. The steps are easy, but you must follow these steps closely, or you will risk damaging your jewelry that can be costly to repair.

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