White Gold vs Yellow Gold | Which gold should you choose?

Gold is a beautiful and valuable metal and both white gold and yellow gold are very popular when it comes to jewelry. The most classical metal that represent wealth and fortune. 

But are white gold and yellow gold different? Which is better?

Let’s dive in and explore how yellow and white gold are different and how you should decide which to buy.

But first lets understand one important question about both Yellow Gold and White Gold

Is White gold Same as Yellow Gold?

Yes! Both contains real gold.

Pure gold is defined as 24 karats or having a fineness of 1000. One karat equal to 41.66 fineness. For example, a 18 karat gold-alloy, has 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals, and has fineness of 750.00 (is 75.00 percent pure gold). Similarly, an 14 karat gold-alloy is 58.33 percent pure gold.

In conclusion, 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold both have the same purity and the same amount of gold in the jewelry.

Let's understand more about each types of gold.

Yellow Gold

How Yellow Gold is made?

Often some people are confused that yellow gold represent pure gold. But it is far from the truth, there are different level of purity in gold.

Gold you see in all jewelry stores are made by combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper. These metals give the yellow gold it's color. The purity of gold can be determined by the ratio of metal used to combine and make the yellow gold.

The higher the karat amount, the higher the actual gold content, but in exchange the gold jewelry become less durable and become 'softer'.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Jewelry needs a balance of durability and brilliance of the beautiful yellow shine, thus 18K or 14K gold are used for wedding and engagement rings. 24k Gold are sometimes used, but due to it's durability and prone to scratches, less jewelers make these jewelries.

18K or 14 K gold jewelry have a beautiful golden hue,  which ensure that they stand up against time with little maintenance even through everyday wear.

Yellow gold look fantastic for all kinds of jewelry, and make a lovely choice for modern and vintage-inspired styles.

It is historically the most popular metal for jewelry, and as it is the most malleable, or easiest for jewelers to manipulate, it is also a good choice for people who love a classical look.

White Gold

How White Gold is Made?

White gold are definitely a beauty that win the hearts of many. The reason a white gold appears white instead of yellow is that white gold are made by combining white metal such as palladium, manganese, or nickel.

Just like yellow gold, white gold’s purity is defined in karats. The higher the karat amount, the higher the actual gold content. 

With a look of a platinum, but cost much less, a white gold jewelry can be a fantastic choice for the trendy jewelry lovers. 

Why you should choose white gold?

White gold combined with other white metal gives them the strength needed for a durable setting that lasts.

With a higher durability and strength when compared with yellow gold, which means that it is less susceptible to scratching and denting. This makes white gold a great option if you want an low maintenance great value and absolutely stunning jewelry.

The drawback?

But all great things have a downside. Some white gold contains nickel which can cause allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin.

If you have a nickel allergy but really loves to wear white gold, you will probably need to find jewelry which are nickel-free.

White Gold vs Silver, The Dazzling Alternative!

Sterling Silver Jewelry can be a great alternative to the more expensive gold counterparts. With just a fraction of the price, sterling silver is one of the most loved precious metal that friends and family buy for their loved ones.

With the brilliance and beauty of a platinum jewelry, some premium sterling silver jewelry are plated with Rhodium, the rarest of platinum metal. Rhodium can be twice the price of Gold. These rhodium plated jewelry makes its perfect for those who have sensitive skin and are allergy to certain metal.

Sterling silver can be comparable to the beauty of a white Gold, with all the perks and none of the downside.

What to choose?

White gold has a cool, sophisticated gleam that give you a trendy and fashionable feel.

When you are trying to choose between white gold and yellow gold, you’ll find that white gold and other silvery brilliance jewelry looks perfect with all skin tones, and is particularly able to bring out the shine to fair and rosy skin tones.

But if you are looking for jewelry that complement tanner or darker skin tones, consider yellow gold or even rose gold.

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