Our Story

Established in 2016...

We're a Singapore based company defined by our passion to bring a smile to you with a perfect gift and our promise of 100% quality.

Simple . Beautiful . Love

We Believe A Gifts Is More Than Connecting Hearts,
We Believe The Perfect Gift Holds The Memories You Love

Love can be simple, with each sparkle, you've created a love story of true beauty.

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LOVELEMENTS™, is the "Elements of Love that Binds us."

With each of our creations, we bring lasting joy and loving sparkle to your life.
A dazzling "Gift of Love" that brings you the smile you deserve.

Our Story

We challenge the preconceptions of jewelry with an exquisite design based on the Elements of Love to inspire and excite our customers.

The belief that every lady should be pampered for all occasions is reflected in LOVELEMENTS™ elegant selection of affordable luxe.

A generation that is inspired by the simple beauty of Love that materialized into jewelry that is befitting for day-to-day adornment.

A group of fashion enthusiast who loves jewelry ourselves, we will give you an experience none other can provide.

Our Mission:

"To Bring The Smile To You With The Elements of Love,
A Sparkle That Brightens Your Life."

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Gently you held her hands close to your heart. Your eyes met. Slowly you remembered the feeling the first time you looked into her eyes, never had you notice back then that her eyes is so clear and beautiful. She lean close to you and whispered softly into your ears 

“My Love, Thank you for being the sparkle of my life”.

Finding the Perfect Gift for her can be easier than you think. 

LOVELEMENTS™ “Elements of Love that Binds us”.